Iron Art of Jim Dehne     Point Creek Iron Sculptures
Outdoor and Indoor Iron Sculpture of Horses, Herons, Cranes, Flower Stands, Wildlife, Arches, Garden Furniture, Butterflies, and Dragonflies.  Various sizes of iron rod are curved, twisted, and hand welded.


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  Jim Dehne draws his inspiration from  the wildlife and flora of the Wisconsin countryside where he has lived as well as the nature he observed while living and traveling across the country.  In his work he has brought together his love for nature and creative use of iron.

Jim was born and raised on a dairy farm named Point Creek Farm in Newton, Wisconsin.  Wildlife was all around as he spent much of his time outdoors with Point Creek a short walk down the hill behind the farm. 

After high school, Jim went into the Army, served in Alaska for three  years, and stayed an additional four years enjoying living and exploring in the Great Northwest.  He encountered moose, mushed with sled dogs, and saw herds of caribou.  

Jim came back to the lower 48 and attended college in Iowa studying biology.  After college, he returned to the beauty of the Wisconsin countryside and took over the family farm.  While taking care of the farm and raising a family, Jim designed and built much of the equipment, tools, and other implements around the farm.  Almost everything was built out of iron and two life long welders were there to show how to bend, form, and weld iron to what was needed.  Both his Dad and Uncle Lester were welders in the 1940's on submarines in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Jim moved into raising flowers in greenhouses and working with floral design and arrangement at a flower shop.   He began sculpting with some small pieces including butterflies and dragonflies at garden shows in Manitowoc , Wisconsin .  He continued with the natural and floral, capturing the living feeling of nature and wildlife with lightly curving and twisting iron.  Pieces present the feeling of soft metal and movement.  Bending iron to whatever need was at hand allows Jim to sculpt iron into the feathery wings of a heron or the dancing wings of a dragonfly.  

Jim works primarily with iron rods thick enough to be difficult for the bending and twisting by hand they go through.  Each new piece is created from the ability to paint with iron the interpretation of a flower, winged or  walking creature.

Pieces are made from iron rods that are painted black with copper paint highlights. 


Public Pieces

 The Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin is letting us display a rearing horse between 6 and 7 feet tall (plus the mane) in front of their office.   We first met them at The Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, Wisconsin and we were at their 20th Anniversary - Festival of the Horse in October 2012.   



We will have a Sandhill Cranes piece on display at Edina Public Art Rotating Sculpture Exhibit in Edina, Minnesota from  June 2014 through May 2015.  (We will have some pictures in June, 2014.)  We have been exhibiting at the Minnesota Horse Expo in Saint Paul, MN every year since 2005 and are pleased we will have a piece on display in Edina, MN.


"Hungry Bears" - a bear with a salmon and two cubs - at the Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  This piece was in Sioux Falls SculptureWalk in 2006.  The Zoo wanted "Hungry Bears" and found donors to purchase the piece.




"Dancing Sand Hill Cranes"  The first piece of public art in the Friends of Mariners Trail new sculpture project (2010).  A grouping of 3 cranes placed along the Lake Michigan side of Mariners trail between Two Rivers and Manitowoc, Wisconsin. (At about 2730 Memorial Drive, Two Rivers, WI - it's not on google map street view yet)




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Each piece is handmade. A similar custom piece can also be created for you. Please call or email for currentpricing and availability.
Pieces are made from iron rods and rebar that are painted black with copper paint highlights.
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