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 If you would like to place an order or receive more information, please contact Jim Dehne at the phone number or email below. Jim’s son Eric Dehne also checks emails. Commissions are also accepted for custom created sculptures.

Contact for Jim Dehne – cell phone, email:

We added some designs on apparel/gifts/merchandise on with the link on the top right of webpages.
Some things about the store:
(1) There are eight designs from 4 sculptures that have pictures in the top 2 rows of the homepage. <1> A Rearing Horse, <2> Rearing Horse with flourishes, <3> A Peacock, <4> Peacock with flourishes, <5> A Horse Head, <6> Horse Head with flourishes, <7> A Rooster, & <8> Rooster with flourishes.
(2) All designs have the same price.
(3) Our prices stay the same(I don’t have the sales they have at their site because I only have this individual store and am not part of their sales or Marketplace promotions).
(4) On individual product pages, the “Product details” are near the bottom after “Explore More Designs”.

Price ranges for some sculptures for an idea on prices.
 -A six foot tall rearing horse or life size standing horse are usually $3,500 to $8,000. 
 -Larger horses, wildlife, and combination sculptures are usually $12,000 to $42,000.
 -5 foot tall rearing horses and individual sand hill cranes and great blue herons are usually $2,000 to $3,500.

We don’t ship sculptures. Shipping costs are high and unpredictable. Shipping can cost more than the sculpture price because the sculptures take up so much space. Shipping costs are also unpredictable so that when it’s time to ship, the shipping price can have changed alot or the option to ship can be no longer available.

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a jpg of our black and white business card

Your other contact person-Eric Dehne

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